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Back... - 07/27/17 6:59 PST by jbud

We at JBud.ORG would like to welcome everyone to our return. We are happy to finally be back in business.. As our first service, we will be completing Portal 1.0 and continuing work on Portal 2.

Portal 0.4 RC is what we're looking at here, it is a long way away from 1.0, and has much work to be done. We started with 2.0 and then got so distracted we never finished the original.

Portal has so much content. So much ability. It is diverse and simple. Dynamic and fasionable. But it is underpowered and buggy, and we aim to finish it. A truly universal Content Management System that we can all be proud to call our main portal.

Timelines are a bit rough to give, life, family, things get in the way. Truth is, everytime I say "we" I mean me, myself, and I. I am the only one. Joe Jackson. JBud. Budzique. The mission is all up to me. But I will not fail. I commit to have a product for 2018. A FINAL product. Before Portal 2.0 rolls out. 

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 07/27/17 7:00 by jbud 
 Happier than ever to be back.
 07/28/17 1:04 by kasyn 
 I am craving Chinese food right we should get some blue willow.
 12/16/17 6:11 by Niopropy 
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Sweet stewed tomatoes
 07/02/18 18:36 by KIRAdons 
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swollen feet and legs during pregnancy





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